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  This is the official website of Harrington Martin, author of novels that depict the world of Xarh. His work is generally classified as Adult Science Fantasy. Narrowing the work categorically, the books would fall under Dark Medieval-Era / Parallel Universe.



 "We trust you'll enjoy your stay. We have all sorts of interesting wares, coming and going, that are replenished constantly by the mariners of the four oceanways. From all of us at the Empren Visitor's Bureau, have a wonderful time in our seaside rest and enjoy the fruits of our world!"

 -Roethrao Vryean, Empren Visitor's Bureau


- Introduction to Xarh -

            Beyond the known parameters of time and space, there exists a universe of astounding similarity to our own. But beyond first glance, it teems with subtle differences. Variety exists in abundance. One would have to look no further than the small solar system where this story takes place. There are seven planets traveling around a star quite similar to our own. The orbits the seven planets take around their star appear random, and their paths often intersect. These orbits fluctuate over the course of just a few thousand years. Chaos or precision? With objects such as these, it's quite hard to be sure of the answer.

            It is here that we find this small earth-like planet built from many of the same materials that make up who and what we are. Though roughly the size of our moon, its characteristics are different. For example, this small planet's bizarre movement around its sun creates what we would consider strange weather patterns, light cycles, and similarly obscure forms of life, but the similarities in the nature of these things is apparent. Having no standard orbit for any of the other planets within its system, other celestial bodies often block the life-affirming light from the system's star. Extremes of day and night upon pockets of the planet's surface can exist for generations. A standard day in one continent is often three times the length of another land's day far across the globe. Sometimes much longer. Some areas see very little light from the planet's star, creating a sodden, cold swampland. Others see an extreme excess of sunlight, creating a land lush with sturdy vegetation but often a good deal of drought. Much of the planet's surface is covered with water, similar to ours. However, only four major continents separate its great oceans and seas. The particular ingredient that makes this planet so similar to ours is its population of intelligent bipedal inhabitants. Humans. And where there are humans, there is community. Where there is community, there is disagreement. Where there is disagreement, there is conflict.

            Welcome to Xarh.


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